donderdag 1 november 2012

"The Gene Generation" (2007) + "Big Tits Zombie" (2010)

Bai Ling is hot as a supernova in this movie about DNA crimes. Big Tits Zombie has some 3D bits (i almost wrote 3D tits) in it that add absolutely nothing to this movie but it is retarded enough to entertain.

"DEAD SNOW" (2009) + "NAZIS AT THE CENTER OF THE EARTH" (The Asylum 2012)

Zombie nazis! "Dead Snow" is a norwegian movie about a group of people on a snowvacation. When they're in their cabin zombie nazis who've been around since the end of the second world war show up & they start to annihilate them one by one. Zombiesplatter with a lot of humour: a guy who cuts off his arm after being bitten in order to avoid turning into a zombie gets bitten in the groin only seconds after severing his arm with a chainsaw. Ouch! "Nazis At The Center Of The Earth" is a mix of genres: hostel/saw like gore, sillyness, a lot of wtf-moments: zombie-like nazis! RoboHitler (the most hilarious scenes i've seen in a long time)! A nazi spaceship! Starring a.o. Dominique Swain (Lolita, Face/Off) & Jake Busey (Starship Troopers). I wonder what The Asylum will come up with next: RoboHitler versus Cyborg-Wiesenthal? Winston Churchill: Vampire Nazislayer? When i was watching this i got an idea for a new Star Trek series: "Star Trek: The Fourth Reich" in which the federation has to fight a race of alien nazis. Alien nazis were actually used in various episodes of star trek: voyager & star trek: enterprise so the idea of doing an entire series on the subject isn't that far-fetched. How about it, Paramount?