dinsdag 21 mei 2013


Not exactly b-grade trash, oh well... Live action series produced by Filmation. Based on an abandoned idea for a Star Trek spin-off about starfleet academy. Look at the voluminous haircuts! I'm quite sure they are sentient beings from outer space. Also, the antagonist, some sort of floating red light -related to HAL9000?- is rather easily persuaded in releasing the boy who takes care of the chrystals. After all, they have to resolve the storyline in +20 mins (I guess they programmed the show on saturday mornings). Some sound effects may sound very familiar, I expected Mister Spock to pop up any second but he didn't. The characters are all quite happy and upbeat. They're spacehappy! or is it looming space madness? Their robot Peepo is the most inanimate one in the history of robots in s/f. Unfortunately they only uploaded this episode and not more because despite it's overall silliness i like it.