woensdag 17 oktober 2012


screem # 24 excellent horror/b-movie/science fiction/ ... magazine. in this issue articles on a.o. prometeus (interviewing one of the screen writers), scary ventriloquist dummies, the blu-ray edition of cannibal holocaust (which i've never seen btw), obscure & almost forgotten movies (released on dvd-r on demand by warner bros & mgm), the carreer of ray milland; a leading man in the '30s & '40s gone horror & b-movie later in his carreer, lengthy reviews, ... highly recommended!
alternative cinema # 12 (1997) alternative cinema was a magazine focussing on independent, straight-to-video, "b" movie zombie/slasher/horror movies. on the cover: lei renniks in "ravage" (left above), debbie rochon & tamara craig thomas in "tromeo & juliet" (center) & frank meyer in "the bride of frank" (left below)