maandag 1 oktober 2012


Starring a.o. Andrew Divoff, Meg Foster, George Takei, Carel Struyken, ... Produced by Full Moon Pictures Before "Cowboys & Aliens" combined westerns and science fiction there was "Oblivion" (and the animated series Braveheart!). A bunch of outlaws led by Red Eye (a lizzard-like alien with a red eyepatch played by Andrew "Wishmaster" Divoff) terrorizes a town called Oblivion untill Stone, the long-lost son of the sheriff (who, er, expired) comes to save the day and then the fun begins! Carel Struijken ("Twin Peaks", "The Addams Family", "Star Trek TNG") plays death's best friend, showing up at the exact moment when someone dies in order to bury them (he's the towns graveyard man), wearing a high hat which makes him even taller than he already is. He has a lot of lines, no mute part like in "The Addams Family", and that is a good thing. I like his performance of The Giant in "Twin Peaks" a lot ("There's a man in a smiling bag. Without chemicals he points. The owls are not what they seem." Remember that?!). George Takei (Sulu in "Star Trek") plays the local doctor who's always drunk. In one scene he's drinking a bottle of Jim Beam & says: "Jim, beam me up!" and a couple of other jokes referring to Star Trek. Meg Foster looks great in her s/m-like outfit. In her day she looked great. When I checked her profile on IMDb I saw a recent photo of her, not looking so great anymore (at least not on that pic). Andrew Divoff plays two roles, one as Red Eye and another one without a mask. Some great stop/motion animation with giant scorpions. Silly acting (the "cat woman" is painfully awful). The scene in which a ceremony takes place to bury the sheriff with people playing bingo at the same time a floor higher is hilarious ("thursday is bingo night!")! Alas, at the end of the movie a title says 'to be continued' and I DON'T HAVE THE SEQUEL!