maandag 1 oktober 2012


Starring a.o. Bruce Greenwood, Cary Elwes, ... A few years ago this tv-movie was on tv (which is the most logical course of action for a tv-movie I would guess) and I was sucked into the story based on true events dealing with the Green River Killer case. Bruce Greenwood plays criminologist Robert Keppel who has a history with Ted Bundy, that other notorious serial killer. In order to catch the Green River Killer Keppel starts to have conversations with Ted Bundy, who's on death row. Being a serial killer himself Bundy can provide information about the psychology of a serial killer & therefore police can look for things they overlooked & perhaps even predict his next steps. This movie is more about Bundy than Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer. We learn more about Bundy than about Ridgway. Cary Elwes (an actor who has been in a wide variety of genres) is very good as Bundy & so is Greenwood as Keppel. When this was on television I couldn't see the whole movie because I had to work the next day & I already was cutting sleep to see the first part of this movie. In order not to be a complete zombie the next day I went to sleep, figuring they would broadcast it again sooner or later since they repeat a lot of movies anyway. But that didn't happen. So I was glad I found this ex-rental very cheap (about € 2) and could see the film entirely. If you find this on dvd don't hesitate to buy it!