vrijdag 5 oktober 2012


This movie about deadly WASPS is called "Killer BEE"! Huh?! The original title is "Swarmed", but still ... killer BEE?! Starring a.o. Michael Shanks ("Stargate SG1"). I guess the people who make the artwork for the boxcovers often do not see the movie themselves. In some cases that is VERY obvious but more about that later. Michael Shanks plays a scientist who tests a pesticide on wasps that makes them deadly. Instead of the pesticide killing them it actually makes them stronger. A couple of wasps escape & they start stinging people in the town nearby. In one scene a character is watching a creature feature that looked much more promising than this movie. They should've gone for a "The Fly" rip-off, you know: the stinged people turning into manwasps! But they DIDN'T! At least they deliver in "Mosquito Man" aka "Mansquito". In that movie a convict is brought to a scientific facility where they experiment on the dna of mosquitos. When the convict sees his change to escape he runs into a laboratory & while the cops pursuit him a lot of stuff in a lab gets broken, a.o. a blue fluid which the convict gets on his arm & which turns him slowly into a giant mosquito. Obviously "inspired" by "The Fly" but FUN! This movie stars Corin Nemec, who replaced Michael Shanks in one season of "Stargate SG1". Nemec plays another character in "Stargate SG1" who refers to Shanks' character, doctor Daniel Jackson, the whole time. "I've studied doctor Jacksons' research on this matter" et al. But I'm digressing. Our judgment: "Killer Bee": mmmmmhh We're not convinced. "Mosquito Man": great!
Pictured: Mansquito is getting jiggy with a human female.