maandag 1 oktober 2012

SILENT BLOODNIGHT (2006) Directed by Stefan Peczelt & Elmar Weichsmann

Produced by Tigerline Productions, distributed by Brain Damage Films Starring a.o. Robert Cleaner, Vanessa Vee, Mike Vega, Christine Dune, ... This is an austrian (not australian) horrormovie shot in english. All actors, who are all non-professional, are austrian and sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger which is often unintentional funny. This is one of those low budget horrorflicks shot in the spare time of the makers, shot on video, cheap looking. Like those Lars Von Trier movies but without artistic pretences. A guy on IMDb wrote this movie caused him wanting to kill himself because it is so bad. I laughed my head off (with no help of the serialkiller in the movie who decapitates people with a shovel)! A mentally handicapped woman is abused by a couple of guys who accidentally kill the girl (the scene is which this happens is so silly, it sounds a lot worse than what actually happens in the film) & her father wants revenge and kills everyone involved one by one, including innocent bystanders, with his shovel. The guy who plays the role of the father is really funny, clenching his teeth & with his eyes bulging out and wearing a hat that makes him look a bit like Freddy Krueger. He even kills a girls who's allergic to bees with a jar filled with bees and holds the open jar to her stomach. The raging bees sting her in the belly multiple times. When she dies & the killer leaves we see a close-up of the bee jar and you can see nothing is moving or flying in the jar so no real bees where hurt in the making of this movie, haw! A journalist of a local tv-station investigates the murders. This role is played by Vanessa Vee, a name that sounds like a porn actress. I guess it's not her real name. She reminded me of Elizabeth Berkley ("Showgirls"), great body (she presents her broadcasts in a bikini!) & her face is okay. She has a thick austrian accent that would make even Schwarzenegger blush. She's also the one who provides the most unintentional funny moments. The special effects are hilarious as well, using fashion dolls (mannequins) for the decapitated bodies with blood spurting out. There's some softcore in it too when we see a couple fucking. The girl (I forgot her name) has a great body, nice cleavage but not a very pretty face (but with tits like that who will care?). Of course the shovel killer kills them. Then some running around and a lot of stuff happening. Who will survive? If you like bad movies that are unintentional funny then this is for you.